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Learn how to create tracks like a pro from start to finish in Pro Tools

Reid Stefan

Nash Overstreet

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Pro Tools


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Learn The Industry Standard

Learn how to use the Industry Standard Software for Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering! This 3+ hour course teaches you every step of the Pro Tools process from start-to-finish. You’ll learn all the skills, shortcuts, and workflow secrets to create tracks in Pro Tools, then finalize your ideas into a release ready Wav file. The Pro Tools Course teaches a blend of technical and creative lessons accumulated over decades of Pro Tools Sessions and Music Industry placements. You can follow along with this course using any version of Pro Tools! Easily navigate the 6 video lessons which take you from the complete beginner basics to Pro Tools professional tips & tricks.

  • Pro Tool Orientation & Shortcuts
  • How To Produce A Beat
  • How To Record & Mix Vocals
  • Advanced Production & Automation
  • Mixing, Mastering, & Exporting
  • Bonus Tips & Tricks

Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game has collaborated with pop songwriter & producer Nash Overstreet, from the billboard charting band Hot Chelle Rae, to combine their 30+ combined years of experience using Pro Tools. Reid and Nash share all their knowledge and workflow secrets to create songs from scratch entirely in Pro Tools.

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